Eligibility Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire below to see if you are eligible to use this service. Certain criteria need to be met in order for a user to be able to create a Lost Property incident report.

ReportMyCrime Elegibility Questionnaire
  Yes No
Are you reporting Stolen or Criminally Damaged Property?
Are you the owner of the lost property?
Was the property lost within Western Australia?
Was the property lost within your home?
Do you have a Western Australian driver's licence and do you know the number?


WA Police DO NOT investigate Lost Property incidents.
If an item is located and handed to WA Police and matches your report, you will be contacted via the details you have provided.
The onus is on you to exhaust all avenues of enquiry.
About This Service The ReportMyLostProperty website is a service that will allow members of the public to:
  • Create a Lost Property Report online;
  • Receive a Lost Property Report number for insurance purposes.
Already Lodged Your Report?
  • View and Print your lodged Lost Property Report via CheckMyCrime;
  • Add additional Lost Property items to the same Lost Property Report via CheckMyCrime;
Found Your Lost Property?
  • Call the Police Assistance Centre on 131444 to have your Lost Property Report updated;
  • Visit your local Police station.